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Specialty Food at Duong Lam Ancient Village

Duong Lam ancient village is the first ancient village in Vietnam to be regarded as a national relic. It also won the UNESCO Conservation Heritage in 2013 after the recognition of Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoi An. 

While Old quarter and Hoi An are relics of an ancient urban lifestyle, Duong Lam village is a valuable heritage of rural life. Up to now, Duong Lam ancient village has a history of more than 1,200 years and is famous for its more than 400-year-old ancient houses made of lateritic bricks. It is also well-known as the birthplace of two national kings who are Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung. Besides, it has maintained a treasure of intangible cultural relics such as cuisine culture and traditional festivals as well as tangible cultural relics, namely communal houses, wells, ancient houses, temples and pagodas, ponds, etc. A trip to Duong Lam village will help you trace back to the origin of Vietnam’s culture, to explore the unique architecture of ancient houses and to escape from the bustle of city life.

“Duong Lam ancient village is about 45 km from center of Hanoi where still conserve cultural value of Vietnamese ancient village. Visiting Duong Lam, tourists are not only have chance to visit the laterite ancient houses but also enjoy and make the delicious local specialty food (Vietnam Mung Bean Pudding, Sausage candy, roasted pork with bamboo stick, crystal rice cake, baby jack-fruit sticky rice).”

Overview  Duong Lam village is famous for not only the birthplace of 2 national kings and the most ancient village in Vietnam, but also a lot of specialty food in Vietnam. Joining this tour, you will have chance to cycle around this picturesque village with fresh air and learn to make more than 8 Duong Lam specialty food – the most famous food in Vietnam and enjoy them for lunch and bring it home.

Mia Chickent - The most famous chicken in Vietnam

Tour Highlights

  • Visit famous heritage sites.
  • Learn to make at least 5 specialty food in Duong Lam.
  • Bring home some Duong Lam specialty food made by you
  • Cycling around the village to enjoy fresh air and talking to hospitable local people.
9:00 am Set out for Duong Lam  Ancient Village Pick up at your hotel with an air-conditioned car and transfer to Duonglam village
10:15 am Explore Art & Architecture Visit Mong Phu Communal House and 400-year-old houses (national heritages), Mia temple (one of the 10 oldest temples in Vietnam with 287 Buddha statues)
11:15 am Roasted pork with bamboo stick (Thit quay don)Baby Jackfruit Sticky Rice (xoi gac) and Mia chicken Learn to make Roasted pork with bamboo stick (Duong Lam Specialty Food) and Baby Jackfruit Sticky Rice (traditional food in Vietnam, usually cooked during Tet holiday and wedding). Mia chicken – the most famous one in Vietnam for their sweetness and toughness
12:30 am  Lunch  Have lunch at a local family with authentic local food/specialties cooked by you and Duong Lam cooks
1:30 pm  Tofu  Learn how to make homemade tofu – Duong Lam locals’ favorite food and bring to the local market to sell with locals. Tofu is also the best food for vegetarian in Vietnam.
2:15 pm  Crystal Rice Cake (Banh Te) One of the most typical dishes in Hanoi. The cake is made from rice flour, wrapped in “dong” and banana leaves into a long, thin cylindrical shape and then steamed.  The ingredients to make banh te are plain, non-glutinous white rice, minced pork, wood ear, onion, salt and pepper.
3:00 pm  Peanut Brittle  Peanut brittle is part of Vietnamese culture, it is a gift appeared in our daily lives and is considered as a meaningful gift for your guests naturally because it is one of our best Vietnamese food
3:30 pm Che Kho (Vietnam Mung Bean Pudding) / Che Lam / Doi Candy (Sausage Candy)  Che Kho is made from steamed green bean. After steaming the green bean, sugar is added and stirred with green been until the mixture become soft and smooth. Few sesame seeds will make Che Kho become more delicious.Sausage candy is the most delicious traditional one in Vietnam. The ingredient to make sausage cake is very easy to find: malt, sugar and peanut.
4:30 pm  See You Again!  Say goodbye to Duong Lam village and drive back to Hanoi



Group tours: 25$/ person ( including: Transport, Lunch, Entrance Tickets, Bike rent, A bottle of waters)

Private tour :

Number of person 1 person 2 – 3 persons 4 – 6 persons 7 – 9 persons 10 persons Up
Price/ person 75 55 40 32 25


  •  Pick up and drop off at your hotel with modern car with air-conditioner
  • A bottle of water/tour/person
  •  Bicycle
  •  English speaking tour guide
  •  Lunch at a local family
  • Entrance fees
  • Souvenir


  •  Drinks
  •  Tips and Gratuities
  •  Personal expenses


  • Deserves its great reputation

    We booked a day tour to Duong Lam ancient village with Duong Lam Tours. Miss Julie took us around just where we wanted to go for a long day, and she was tirelessly fun, informative, upbeat, and helpful. She organised everything and made it look effortless – the occasional transportation, food/drink breaks, entry into places that required it. We can’t recommend her enough. Honestly, this is a great company to book with. They’re locals there ,flexible and will make sure that you see and do what you want to do in the time that you have. They are honest and thorough. Thanks Julie and your team and wish you guys the best of luck!

  • The village itself is beautiful and there are lot’s of things to see. Many houses are even protected by the UNESCO. The tour guide, Mr. Bill took us to one of the oldest temples in Vietnam with almost 300 statues there. Totally unique and magnificent temple. The hightlight of our tour was farming activities. We made 3 different kinds of food/cakes which are traditional cuisine there and then brought it home as a souvenir. Totally in love with food at this village. Highly recommend Duong Lam Ecotourism and Mr.Bill for a trip to this beautiful village

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