About Us

Who We Are 

We are local people who were born and grew up in Duong Lam ancient village. Inspired by the need of sustainable tours/responsible tours  in Vietnam where tourists can enjoy their holiday and at the same time respect the culture of people and also respect the environment and to create better places for people to live in and to visit, we founded the first non-profit organization operating ecotourism in Hanoi to retain cultural, historical and natural value of the most ancient village in Vietnam and boosting sustainable tourism/responsible tourism in Hanoi and Duong Lam Ancient Village, the first and most ancient village in Vietnam.


Why Duong Lam Ecotourism was born 

The idea to set up Duong Lam Ecotourism  is to enable travelers to experience the world through the eyes of its local people while contributing directly to those people, ensuring that tourist’s dollars benefit the local community directly. In other words, Duong Lam Ecotourism was born to:

  • provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues
  • make positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, to the maintenance of the world’s diversity
  • generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of local communities, improves working conditions
  • minimise negative economic, environmental, and social impacts
  • build local pride and confidence, give opportunity to the local people, empower them, enable them to enjoy the fruits of tourism directly


What we provide

We provide you with a great number of tours such as Like A Local Tour, Farming Tour, Biking Tour, Foodie tour, Cultural and Heritage Tour, Trekking Tour, Creative Tour,etc. You will do this with the locals  who will furnish you with a close-up and an intimate exposure, give you hands-on experiences.


What makes us special?

  • We are the first & foremost pioneer in sustainable tours/responsible tours in Vietnam.
  • We are local people who know well about their hometown
  • We are passionate about creating  better places for people to live in and to visit

Our vision 

  • Become the Vietnam’s leader in sustainable tourism that takes a triple-bottom line approach: tourism that is not only environmentally friendly, but also generates social and economic benefits. 
  • Help the locals have better standard of living and increase their awareness about natural & heritage conservation
  • Preserve Duong Lam village to maintain its own historical, agricultural, natural, and cultural value.

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