Spring in Duong Lam, Vietnam’s most beautiful ancient village

Duong Lam Ancient Village
Duong Lam Ancient Village

Spring (from 1th January) is known as the best time to enjoy Duong Lam village, the first recognized ancient village in Vietnam with great sensations.


Under the guidance of many people, spring is the year’s favorite time to visit and feel remarkably the space of the ancient one.

In spring, Duong Lam villagers celebrate Vietnamese New Year Eve (Tet), one of the most important celebrations in Vietnamese culture. The real Vietnam culture and customs are revealed most significantly and traditionally in this village.

If visitors come to Duong Lam village in January, they can see and join Duong Lam locals to prepare for New Year Eve. This period called before New Year’ Eve begins around 1 month before the actual celebration. Visitors can experience the real Vietnamese countryside and join people to catch fish to sell in the local market; plant and raise vegetables to prepare for Vietnamese New Year’Eve. Visitors can also help sell local products and take more unique photos of the real life in the Vietnam countryside.

Spring in Duong Lam, Vietnam's most beautiful ancient village
Locals catch fish to prepare for New Year Eve

Moreover, foreigners can learn from Duong Lam villagers how to cook traditional food in New Year Eve such as glutinous rice cake (bánh chưng), dried young bamboo soup(canh măng), spring roll (giò), sticky rice (xôi nếp), Meat Stewed in Coconut Juice, and how to make Duong Lam specialty food such as rice cake (bánh tẻ), bean cake, soy bean sauce, peanut cake,etc.

Spring in Duong Lam, Vietnam's most beautiful ancient village
Rice cake ( Bánh tẻ) specialty in Duong Lam

Besides, visitors can learn the way Duong Lam ancient villagers decorate their house with home peach blossom trees, kumquat trees and orange trees, traditional trees in Vietnam; They can also decorate locals ‘homes with chrysanthemum and orchid, plant these flowers and put them into beautiful pots in front of the house or inside the house.

During New Year Eve (from 18th Feb to 22nd Feb), visitors can join Spring Festivals and traditional games and entertainment in this village. This will also include dancers hidden under the guise of what is known as the Mua Lan or Lion Dancing. The Lan is an animal between a dragon and a lion. It is also the symbol of strength in the Vietnamese culture that is used to scare away evil spirits.

Spring in Duong Lam, Vietnam's most beautiful ancient villageLion Dancing (Múa Lân) in a traditional festival in Duong Lam

Local Buddhist temples are popular spots in Duong Lam village as people like to give donations and to get their fortunes told during Tết. Children can spend their new money on toys or on gambling games like bau cua ca cop..

During Tet, visitors can also receive lucky money in a red envelop from locals for good luck in exchange for Tet greetings.

In spring in Duong Lam ancient vilage, there are other beautiful sceneries like green paddy fields and villagers attending their animals; pigs and chickens wandering about the village streets; beautiful houses decorated meticulously to welcome New Year’Eve.

Spring in Duong Lam, Vietnam's most beautiful ancient village
Duong Lam village attending a cow to the paddy field

After New Year Eve (from 22nd Feb to 22 March), there are also a number of festivals in Duong Lam village such as Phung Hung King ceremony with a lot of traditional games, Va Temple Festival etc.

Spring comes and let’s come to Duong Lam ancient village to enjoy the best and most wonderful moments in Vietnam!

Spring in Duong Lam, Vietnam's most beautiful ancient village
Peach flower in the garden blossoming in spring

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